Justified Anger

Old Trolls: Why You Got Blocked


You said:

"First you call 50 and 60 year old men OLD men, now 41-45 year olds are OLD men. What's next 30 year olds are old too? Nevermind, you will probably delete this comment like you do others that you don't like. Insulting people because of their age shows lack of maturity. Maybe one day when you are OLD, you'll learn."

I say:

I think I piqued your pride Mister and those of other OLD ladies on this site.

When I say OLD it is with regards to the ********* issue at hand - please stop being so selfish and self-centered; this is not about you or ladies of that age... What I mean with OLD is that these guys that PICK on children are TOO OLD to be messing with children half or three times younger than their age.

I cannot believe that people would see it as an INSULT - you have a very EGOTISTIC outlook Mister together with some other lady that felt insulted - when I was referring and using the word in context with the whole pedophelia theme.

Stop thinking about yourself and your pride and stop throwing stones at me - it doesn't help solve the issue and please focus on the problem - pedophiles that are OLD RATS and not your PRIDE.

I mean to say is you are acting very childish and immature together with other of your ilk getting insulted by words in reference to the AGE relation between ADULTS and kids... For surely a KID sees an ADULT as an OLD person; and pedophiles are OLD people messing with YOUNG kids.

I am sure kids that are being abused by old men are more important right now than YOUR PRIDE!!!!

I never meant to insult people of that age - but to point out people who are OLD enough to know it is not okay to MESS with the young!!!!

You are at fault misterEgo... Because currently the ISSUE at hand is MUCH bigger and more important than your pride running around like a little girl saying "oe oe she called us old because of our age"... Now that is very immature if you ask me. I personally believe you should honour your grey hair of wisdom and be proud of being OLD and not a kid any more lacking any brains whatsoever like you displayed right here insulting me at each turn you can get because of your pride that you deem bigger than the importance of Child abuse. Please grow up and get off this post - if I want supporters I sure as hell do not want men on my side who deem their pride more important than fighting crime! So bug off!!!!

Since when is a man's EGO better and more important than a child getting abused by a *********?! *shakes head*


I got the following PM and wish to share it together with my reply:

I wanted to PM you instead of post on your story because I didn't want anyone to "jump on the bandwagon" so to speak. I hope you don't take this the wrong way because I mean it in a friendly manner. But there were a lot of people who agreed with you and respected your outspokenness until they felt as though they were personally being attacked. And they were on you side. 

I mean no offense whatsoever in telling you this. But I think the cause, and your particular take on the cause to eradicate ********** from EP, would go better for you in particular if you don't come across so forcefully. Instead of others supporting you in your efforts, you are alienating yourself from them. 

The whole reason I'm telling you this, is because I think you have a great potential to be heard and perhaps to even be a leader.Β  And I'm hoping that maybe I can say something that would buoy you up and give you the courage to make that difference.

We (all of us on EP) could sure use some strong voices willing to speak out for what is right. And I think you can.

I'm not only speaking about the guy worried about lost youth. That annoyed me too when he posted it repeatedly as if that's all he could think about. But if you reread your response to me, can you see how it might sound overly aggressive and not particularly concerned about others feelings? I am in no way trying to attack you. I have been impressed with your stand and your ability to be steadfast in that stand. I am merely trying to point out that not everyone wants to fight.  Not everyone may feel as strongly as you do. I feel VERY strongly about getting the Pedos off EP, but there are others who feel just as much but have different ideas about how to do it. I think it would be helpful for you in the long run if you'd embrace them and their good efforts rather than make them feel they need to be on the defensive, because in reality they do not. We can benefit and help each other here. But we have to be willing to let others speak and be willing to listen too.


My reply:

Seriously those who got insulted by the word "old" should go and **** themselves; clearly they are not old enough to know the difference between old and young... Adults and kids.

And if one of them says I insult them then 10 others jump on the same station.... Go figure human nature.

I blocked all of them...

I don't have time for childish adults who are afraid of being OLD; and moaning and pisssing about youth LOST when children are getting abused by the minute while I am attempting to prevent that from happening.

They can go and shove their childish behaviour where the sun do not shine... I have no time for old people in their 50s and 40s acting like children feeling insulted because they cannot admit they are past their youth... And wish to be viewed as a kid... So if they want to be viewed as a kid so badly, we better start a group to prevent "adult pedophelia of this individuals thinking they are kids" maybe they need protection too from these pedo creeps since they see themselves as children too.

I have no time for b/s and have a zero tolerance b/s inbuilt meter!

If you want to talk about age and not fight crime; or old people going senile forgetting they are past 18 then they can join another group or go pester another post. The post is not about old people feeling insecure about themselves but about CHILDREN getting abused and finding a solution... If these "kid adults" need psychological help for their insecurity problems regarding age then this is not the post for them to comment on - you will get blocked feeding me b/s.

I have no sympathy for people who put their PRIDE and EGO above things that matter more than their "midlife crisis" acting out as a kid.

They do not want to listen and only want to talk about themselves and not other serious matters:

It is also clear to me that they DO NOT want to help or support the fight against pedophelia; they only think about themselves and attack people who hurt their pride. They only want to talk about their issues with their old age they cannot accept; refusing to look in the mirror or look at their date of birth... They clearly have lost track of the topic resorting to personal attacks because they cannot handle to be old - forget about children being abused because it is all about them telling us how young they are denying being all old and wrinkly. I think they have more serious issues than the pedophiles that needs to be addressed if they love themselves more than fighting CRIME or doing something good for the greater good... Just seeing themselves concerning themselves with their own EGO and pride forgetting about the rest of the world and humanity's (other people's) suffering...regarding their own depression aka suffering concerning age as more important than criminals walking around abusing children!!!!
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Kitten... what's this all for?

These people think that their pride and EGO is above the greater good - we will see what happens to them!!!!