I Have A Lot Of Anger Inside

I keep it in myself but sometimes i snap..
i'm like a vulcano with a lot of hot lava just waiting to erupt >.<
i can't control it. i wish i could punch something, bite..destroy.
it's mostly me i keep on destroying though.
self destruction is best when you don't want to hurt others.
i stopped it though so now my anger has nowhere to go..if i snap..
i don't want to know what will happen..i can't deal with my anger.
i still want to do something to my hamster when he ****** me off..i'm a bad owner..
but i wouldn't hurt him..i love him..so why i have the urge to do it?
i resent myself for even thinking about hurting anything or anyone.
lovelessbutterfly lovelessbutterfly
31-35, F
5 Responses Jul 12, 2010

All my inside anger stems from the family bullshit which caused the loss of my relationship with a wonderful man. The love I lost was a sweet one. :(

oh..even holes in wall? lol, i'm glad you didn't demolish all your house xd<br />
you should do something about them. and buy a punchbag too..<br />
*hugs*<br />
<br />
Alv, i try not to think..but do you know how hard it is?<br />
sometimes i just need to vent or i will go insane.<br />
so i am doing my venting here most of time xd <br />
and you are all the victims of it cause you need to read it..sorry people..lol<br />
i have problems with focus too..after crying i often feel blank..but it's a good blankness..<br />
because i don't think anymore...<br />

Im like that too,I have never hit someone out of anger though.I tend to break things.I have a few holes in my wall too.Im glad i dont get angry often.<br />

i would never hurt them intentionally..<br />
but still..i sometimes want to..it's scary<br />
i need something tlike a punch bag..<br />
i should buy it and release my anger on it.

I'm a volcano too haha. the important thing is your stop yourself from hurting others.