Release The Anger.

I tend to let my anger build up over time. Everytime someone is rude to me or not nice, anytime something ****** me off, I just swallow it down and suppress it. This is a recipe for disaster, because the anger then gathers and builds up and will then be released in a far more aggressive and destructive way than it would if you were to say something to the person who pissed you off or the thing that annoyed you. Deal with it at the time and then that is it finished, you no longer hold on to the event and you will feel better for it.
Suppressing anger also has far worse consequences than exploding with rage, holding back anger can lead to depression.
Depression is after all a symptom of anger being projected inwards instead of outwards. I know this because I have lived it.
So what I would recommend is to walk into the middle of a field preferably where no one can hear you and just start shouting all your anger and frustration at the sky. This release of anger actually feels great afterwards, trust me when I say this, and try and do it once or twice a works...the government should make it mandatory because all the violent crime and such has anger at it's very foundation.
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Same problem here. I suppress my anger. I have never acted upon my anger and controlled it through the years. Now I just can't control it and I end up punching the wall.

Because I released my anger to the wrong person or parties, certain family members with their endless nonsense, depression, and problems it cost me my relationship with a wonderful man. I will not forget that. :(