Hate ..anger..who Gives A **** Anymore

I amm have soo much hatred in me and soo much anger built up. i want it to go away but it wont. I cut to release but nothing. Maybe this anger doesnt go away because im around the stuff that has made me like this every fricken day. Ive been raped and beaten by the ones that said they would never hurt me ones that say they loved me. I WANNA KNOW, IS IT LOVING ME,BY TAKING AWAY MY INNOCENSE? I WANNA KNOW I WANNA KNOW WHAT I DID WRONG! IM SCREAMING INSIDE AND OUT. I WANT THESE PEOPLE TO SUFFER LIKE I AM. THEY SHOULDNT HAVE FAMILYS,THEY SHOULDNT BE ABLE TO LAUGH, WHILE WHAT THEY DID TO ME SCARRED ME FOREVER.i I TRUSTED YOU BASTARDS AND YOU ****** ME OVER...YOU HURT ME. WHYY?WHy?whyy? i despretlly want to die sometimes. I just want this pain to go away. but deep inside i know this is a pain that stays with you forever.
ineedaherotosavemenow ineedaherotosavemenow
18-21, F
Jul 23, 2010