What My Anger Does To Me

Sometimes, when I am upset, my anger issues flare and I get really out of hand. I don't take medicine for it, and have not been to therapy or in a psychotic hospital or anything. I don't know how to control it, and I wish they would just go away. Every time I get upset or fell like I'm about to throw a tantrum for no particular reason, my whole life seems to change. Sometimes I get so upset I pass out, and try to kill myself by de hydrating myself or not eating or not breathing. I hate when I get like that, because my mom is always worried and my dad is doing everything he can to help me. I keep wishing that my anger is just a phase. I hope I don't have a mental disorder, which I can't even spell, but some of you may know. It starts with an s, and probaby ends with an a. I saw a video on YouTube, about Bratz dolls. This psycho Ashley was trying to kill people, and always thinking about it, and I sometimes think like that. I really need help, but I don't want therapy or to go to a psychotic hospital or anything, but I know I need help and really hope I can get past this. My life is passing me by because of this, me getting mad at every little thing. And I really need help...
fablousprettygirl fablousprettygirl
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 24, 2010

It makes me sick and tired that I am not as productive or progressive as I know myself to be...I hate their depression, OCD, or any other issues that never end with them.