I Have Been Known To Get Angry

People are always getting angry with me because I overreact in certain situations. Usually these people think they are morally better than me. But they don't see, to realise I'm special. For example, I may have opened up this cheerleaders head once before, but now her and her dad have a grudge against me? I mean come on, she was all better afterwards. And to be fair her dad has shot me before. Oh and he cut my throat with a boxcutter.  But of course, they won't acknowledge that. I mean talk about hypocrisy right?
gabrielgray gabrielgray
26-30, M
1 Response Aug 11, 2010

I only get angry when I am around those is family that bring this out of me. When I am not around them I can be myself calm, more happier, and at peace with myself. I even get to have a life...