Acting Out And Regretting The People Who Get Hurt As A Result

I've always had an "explosive temper" for as long as I can remember. Once, when I was 5 years old my dad was going to a Grateful Dead concert with some of his friends and I really wanted to go. My father obviously couldn't take me and in sheer frustration I locked myself in my room, stuffed a bunch of tissue paper in the heater and turned up the temperature. In all honesty, I still don't know what I was hoping to accomplish other than to show my frustration as well as how upset I was.

In more recent times, I got violent with my ex-girlfriend whenever we'd argue and lashed out for no apparent reason. On more than one occasion I grabbed or hit her when I was trying to get her to talk to me. She would simply repeat over and over, "Stay away from me! I don't want to talk to you when you are like this!" I threw phones, broke a door and camera in my anger. Moments later, I always feel an overwhelming feeling of regret, guilt, shame and embarrassment.

I need to control my anger. I'm meeting with a personality specialist next Tuesday. Please help support me. I've never told anyone these things....
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I'm proud of you. You took the first step and relized you need to make a change and you want to make a change. <br />
You can also take a anger managment class. They will teach you how to chanel your anger and ways to difuse it.