I Give Up With It All, I Cant Control My Anger Anymore!

I get angry over the slightest things or even nothing, i could be having a bad day and i would suddenly just explode, i got into a fight because of my anger today, i dwell on things, i try calming myself down but theres the voice in the back of my head saying negative things and it makes me want to break things, hurt people and hurt myself for being such a bad person i scream and lash out at the people im closest too, i kick and punch walls in frustration and i cant stop myself, this girl was making fun of my friend so i punched her and got suspended, i couldnt control myself. I have given up trying to help myself and i dont know what to do anymore:/
HeresMyNumberSoCallMeMaybe HeresMyNumberSoCallMeMaybe
2 Responses May 2, 2012

I do understand where you're coming from. I have very similar anger issues and have lashed out and behaved much like you have. At my age, that's not a good thing.<br />
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I've been in therapy now for four years. I sometimes wonder if it helps. However, one thing I did learn in therapy was to recognize how you feel when the anger is kicking in. I use that recognition to sort of "short circuit" the anger. When I can feel the anger really kicking in, I will often pause and quickly analyze why I'm getting angry. Often times, the issue is me only. So, I'll try to talk myself down from the anger. If the anger builds up too much, I'll see if I can do something more physical to bring me down. In that case, I'll see if I can stop whatever it is I'm doing and take a walk. The "short circuit" approach doesn't always work. I still blow my top, and I'm not proud of that. However, taking that approach has reduced the number of incidents where I did blow my top.

Perhaps you can talk to your parents about going to an anger management class. They can teach you methods on how to control your anger.