I Hate Myself For Being A Rubbish Friend......

Ok, so at the weekend there was a group of us that got together and went out for some drinks. I work with these people and there are 3 people in particular I'm really close too, or there were 3, thats now down to 2 I think.

I was first friends with Boy1, everything was fine between us, then we started going out, we broke up and are now friends. He has started seeing someone else and she comes out with the group of us. I have no problem with this, but he feels as though he can't be himself around me, which is lame, so on Friday when we went out, the only time I got to speak to him was when his new girlfriend went to the toilet. Lame.

I then became mates with Boy2, we get on really well, we are 2 people in the copany we both work for that are making something of ourselves and we ust click. He flirts with a lot of the girls in the office, especially Girl1. Now i've been mates with Boy2 since I started work a year and a half ago, however over the past couple of months Girl1 and I have become really close and she is a good friend to me outside of work. So, Boy2 and Girl1 have fooled around a bit outside of work, and I know that Boy2 did something with someone else at work on the night of our christmas party. Girl1 had her suspicions about this but I never said anything to her.

Not until we went out at the weekend. She saw this guy that gives her butterflies, so I told her to go for it, because she deserves to be happy, but she said "what about Boy2?", I told her that he had fooled around with someone else and then they got into an argument.

I broke my friendship with Boy2 to protect Girl1.

I think I have done the right thing because Boy2 actually has a pregnant girlfriend and they deserve to be happy with one another, just like Girl1 deserves to be happy with someone else that doesnt have a girlfriend.

Still doesnt stop me feeling like a ***** *** friend.
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1 Response May 6, 2012

chick from what i have read i don't see how u are or where a rubbish friend i think you where someone who was in the middle and knew something and seen an opportunity for ur other friends to be happy and your girl1 seen a guy who gave her butterflies and she had her suspensions about boy2 and they weren't boyfriend and girlfriend and when you seen that she was interested in someone else but was worried about hurting boy2 your where only trying to make her feel better she should have been like happy days or even like a confirmation that she was right all along and just gone for the guy she liked and gave her butterflies if anything i think boy2 and girl1 act ruined the night for you cause your now stressed over who's side to take and if you have act done wrong when in fact it is these tho people that chose to get involve with each other and not be official bf and gf so what did they expect of each other they shouldn't be blaming you your not in the wrong you were only trying to make your friends happy and if boy 2 had a gf in the 1st place shame on him and if girl 1 knew then really what did she expect and if she knew the gf is preggers come on she should find the guy that gives her butterflies she deserve better and you were only looking out for her don't feel bad xx