Its Getting Bad

It has officialyl gotten to the point to where I ust picture myself in prison for life over killing someone, or death row. I honestly feel as if I don't get this **** under control I may hurt someone. My boyfriend and I are strained right now because of my anger. I'm always going off on SOMEONE, not necessarily him. I tend to just laugh at him. I think my IDGAF attitude is really worsening, I want to get it under control but I just can't for some reason. But still like I may go bad on other people, but what guy realyl wants to deal with a drama queen and problem starter? I wouldn't. I need professional help. Did I mention I have flashes of killing his ex.
ForeverHisWife ForeverHisWife
18-21, F
1 Response May 9, 2012

Try to seek out a therapist or find a anger managment class. Try this website<br /> it has some helpful infomation, and sign up for the weekly email.