I Had Anger Issues

I used to be an angry person. And violent like my father. I used to get in fights at least a couple times a month, worry the hell out of my girlfriend. Then I turned that anger on her and shoved her hard against the wall. She left me. I deserved for her to leave. I always swore I'd never lay a hand on her and I broke my promise.

After she left me I got worse, then I went to counseling, and anger management classes. Now I can work through my anger. I'd do anything to get her back and show her that I'm not the same *** hole I was 2 years ago. I think I broke that trust too much though.
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i have anger issues too , so can you give me an advice to manage it jut a little pit ? .i understand what you said , and good luck to you really :)

Keep yourself accountable is the best thing I can say. Don't make excuses and don't blame anyone else. Even if they did something that really pissed you off, you have to take responsibility for how you responded to that. And be very aware of how you're acting. Also working out helps me get rid of that pent up energy. Good luck man.

What I usually do, is just lose myself in something I love doing. Like singing, or even reading. Those can also help distract you from being angry.

thanks :)

thanks bro

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You'll find somebody else. Well done for learning to deal with your anger though. It's tough. I can see this in my 10 year old sons future. He's a good person but gets crazy angry over stupid stuff and struggles to handle it. Wish there was more I could do for him.