It's Not The Anger, It's The People

This is called i have anger issues, but it should be called, I have people issues because I believe that people are the problem before the anger is, at least with me. Whenever my temper flares, I get extremely violent and aggressive.

Before I get misunderstood, there are only 3 things that will make me want to punch someone in the face before thinking about the consequences. Number 1, don't talk **** to me, especially using profanity. I hate people who talk **** to me about my looks or anything else to do with me. If I talked about them first, then they'd have a right, but I'm talking about ******* who just like to talk **** for no reason. Number 2, if you have an attitude and you are sleeping over MY house in MY ************* room, then you need to get the **** out. This happened with my half sister a few weeks ago. I went up to her and asked her if I did anything wrong and she started acting like a dumb *** *****. She was supposed to be sleeping in my room, so i went in the room and grabbed her belongings and was about to throw it out of my room. She came in there and try to ****** her purse out of my hand and then we almost fought. She would never hit me because she's a punk *** *****, but that is disrespectful as ****. If I tell you to get the **** out of my room, you're going to do that ****. She has done that before, and last time it was worst. I grabbed a wine bottle and nearly went over her head with it because I told her to get the **** out of my room and she just sat there ignoring me. I got SO damn heated it wasn't funny. She got mad at me because I wouldn't take HER KIDS trick-or-treating. Like, *****, really? Those are YOUR ******* kids. The reason I didn't take them is because I didn't want anything bad to happen to them. I know if it would have, I would be the target for the reason. Number 3, I hate slutty friends who try to take the man they know you like. I have no tolerance for betraying **** *** *******. There are 2 types of *****. The type of ******* that have no friends and sleep with whoever they want; or perhaps they do have friends, but sleep with guys who have nothing to do with their friends. Then there are the types of ***** who purposefully will take the guy you tell them you like or sleep with their relative's significant other. It's like they get a kick out of being deceitful. I can't ******* stand ******* like this and i would beat them to the hospital with no remorse. Growing up my older sister used to flirt with the guys I told her I liked on purpose. One time, when i was 19 and was out with my sister, a guy called for me and my sister kept him on the phone trying to talk to him. *****, for WHAT? It's like you just want to take every guy that likes me. Are you ******* jealous of me to where you have to ruin MY relationship to feel good about yourself you stupid immature *** ******* ****?! Like, I HATE ******* like that and like I said....

You like being a deceiving ****? Okay. & I will like beating your slutty loose *** to the grave. How about that?

Basically, that sums up my anger issues and I don't give a **** because there are just some things that should not be tolerated. Some people don't learn their lessons until they get their *** beat or something. Talking doesn't do anything for me anymore.

It's why I won't argue back and forth anymore with anyone online. ******* have internet balls and they just sit behind their computer screen talking **** that they know they wouldn't be able to do in person.

So, that's the way it is. I won't change it until I see it as a problem and to be honest, I don't see my anger as a problem, i view it as a lesson. I view dumb *** ******* as the issue.

In my opinion, if you're gonna do something have a legit reason for doing the ****. Even if you do have anger issues, if you do, make sure it's for a good *** reason. Being a ***** for no reason is another thing that ****** me off. ;)

So, yeah.

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Dec 13, 2012