Hormone Inbalance

I'm a woman that has problems with hormones. They aren't very balanced :P Because of this I have mood swings and major anger and depression issues. Its not just PMS although that could be related.

Unfortunately my husband suffers for it. I am the abuser in the relationship and he has to put up with me. But he wants to work with me and I try very hard not to let him get the blunt of my rage. But sometimes it feels like he ignores my triggers. I have superiority problems in our relationship. I don't want to look down on anyone.

My emotional problems cause me to just stay in my room all day long. I hate people sometimes. But I'm so alone.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

Hi, have you got the hormones checked out? Do you know which ones are causing the anger? A lot of anger seems to come from fear, or from feeling you've been cheated or mistreated...What are you so angry about, is it your husband do you think? Curious to know :)