The Anger Inside

I have a real problem with people that are posers and that pretty much do stuff to **** me off... I walk down the halls and if I have an object in my hand, I think of the most morbid way of beating the crap outta the person in front of me that constantly stops and talks to or hugs a person they know... I've had repeatedly harmed others.. gettin kinda tired of it... what do u do when that anger leaves u with a cold empty shell......? what do u do? anyone have an idea at least?

Joker91 Joker91
18-21, M
2 Responses Nov 24, 2008

huh well i always keep it bottled up inside me till i get home then i usually get a pile of pillows,blankets anything really that is not breakable... and i make a big pile and jsut start hitting the crap out of them... it helps me release all my negitive energy. and when the fake B*****s try to talk crap about me, i let them and tell them they are right. i agree with them. instead of getting mad it ussually makes me smile a lil becaue that is not what they were prepared for ya know. u sld try it, it may help you never know. : )

i may have it completely wrong but I get angry at people who are false and always seem unrealistically happy. I can't stand how they walk around as though the sun shines out their ar*s and nothing can get them down and expect everyone else to be the same. Sometimes **** happens and it's not always roses out there and I find a lot of those people haven't yet had this wake-up call, but I'm sure in time they will or else they have and they are trying to hide it with the overcompensation of happiness.<br />
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Perhaps this is why you get angry? I know I do.