Most of the time I am a calm person. People think of me as a person who keeps their cool and rarely displays emotions. A stoic if you will. But behind close doors I am different. I will have bouts of incredible rage, that I never let anyone know about. Like if I am watching tv and i flip on fox news and they say some bigoted ****, I will wanted to kill them and i will be fiery angry. When I used to live with my mom, if she would come in my room and ask me something without knocking, I would be boiling with rage. I would want to scream at her to go **** herself. When I am trying to hook up my tv or computer and it is being a *****, I would scream, or want to, and punch a wall. When I say something stupid, I am so angry with myself I will started hitting myself in the leg or my head. Sometimes, used to happen a lot more, if someone made me angry I would actually want to kill them. I mean actually want to. I would think about ways to kill them and how fun it would be. It doesn't happen much anymore, it used to be everyday that I thought that way. All of this, of course, nobody but myself and now the people of ep know about.
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22-25, M
1 Response Aug 20, 2014

Hey man at least you can keep it together in public, and try not to think into the murder thing so much... Even though the thought is sadisticly intoxicating....