I wish i cud better myself.. I tried to supress my anger.. But one day it explodes.. During that time ill be confrontational.. I hate it.. I hate it so much.. I am hoping i can get into a chat group here where we can help each other out..
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i feel ya, its like haveing two souls inside of you, the one thats good and the one that just hates the world sometimes, i think i should go to anger managment but i dont know if it would do any good...

Same.. Dunno if thatll be a waste of time and money ..

Hey I get it I go months with out blowing it used to be weeks and before that it was days but none the less I still have a problem. I guess the difference is I usually break alone I'm not outgoing at all so the thought of confrontation is super awkward. I get it though it's horrible it's not you as you know yourself it's just lime this part of your brain turns off and you become this ball of anger with no sense of consciousness.

Im not outgoing as well.. I think im an introvert but when i see someone gets on my face or says sometin bad about me i explode.. Most of the time i supress it then i will think about it .. Keep thinking about it and keep on getting angry.. Then my defense becomes so high that i get very confrontational .. I want to change i really do.. I really need someone to talk to about it but professional people r very expensive for me now

Yea confronting people is hard. Of course if I confronted things more head on perhaps I wouldn't have such a bad anger problem. The best thing I have found so fare is just talking. It can be to anyone it always feels better to get it off of your chest.

Same.. I wud chat or play games but i want sometin that wud stop me from fighting back someone who confronts me