Hot Anger and Ice Rage

When my temper flares (and that's offten) I am never quite sure which will take over, the heat or the cold. I think it's always a mixture of both. Like right now I can feel the hot anger burning furosiously just beneath the surface of my skin. That hot anger is what is pushing me to write this right now. But I also feel that ice cold rage piercing and coarsing through my viens. That ice numbs me just enough to put aside any other emotins, at this point I can do or say the most horribal things and wake up tommorrow feeling no remors. It takes very little to get me to this point.

today it all strated because I couldn't this goddamned slide-converter to ******* work. That's it!! That's all it took to bring me to "the killing edge" (thankyou Anne Bishop). I don't how or if I'll be able to cool down. Maybe a hot shower. Maybe I'll torture a stuffed animal or pillow. Go for a walk, run. Something!!

netgurl netgurl
18-21, F
Mar 15, 2009