Feeling Ashamed

I have some serious anger management problems and now I want a permanent solution to these problems because my life is getting affected from these problems. I am on second number and I have an elder sister... Last week i got angry at her for some reason.. I shouted at her... while she is pregnant and she almost cried... when she left the home... i said a lot of things in anger to my younger brothers and mum about her... i had gone completely mad... when my anger vanished I realized that I said a lot of bad things unnecessarily and I said sorry to her but still I am feeling ashamed of my self I had never treated her like that because I always respect her ...  I don't know how to correct things.... as I am feeling that she has lost that respect that she had before this fight with me .... No matter how hard I try to keep my head cool something happens and ruins my efforts... I cant undo whatever I did but I don't know how to correct things... I dont want anybody else to treat her in the same way because she is very kind and nice... 
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1 Response Apr 18, 2012

thank you and I take it as advice ;) I have now started keeping myself calm... I have been working on it for few years.... and I have got over my anger to a great extent but still there are times when I lose control over it.... Obviously it happens when I get hurt to extreme level... I never create hurdles for other ppl but there are many ppl that create hurdles for me just for their ease.... when things get out of my control I lose temper and in the past few days a lot of bad and nerve-stretching things happened simultaneously.. good enough for anyone to lose temper.... ... But I have just learned and realized that there's no point in getting angry... I could be more patient and calm to solve my problems with others... I hope I will be able to eliminate anger completely from my life... thanks once again...

thank you... i will recheck my getting control over anger strategies :))