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I need anger management so badly.  I get mad over silly sh!t and because of it my health is going downhill.  

When I get angry or upset over something doesn't matter if it was lame or not I can actually sense that I am exaggerating and over doing it but I don’t give care and go further and further.  I even force myself to throw up sometimes; I just want to do something bad when I get mad.  I sometimes end up with a horrible headache.  After that, I might end up crying because I deeply regret hurting the other person’s feelings and putting whoever involved or witnessed my exaggeration in tension. Afterwards, I promise myself that this would be the last time I over react and try to stay calm and reasonable but of course that doesn't happen.  
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Yes Friend Crying is the medicine to clear angry or depression<br />
<br />
It cleans out your negative feelings<br />
<br />
But Crying too much is bad to health

WoW, never heard of that much anger!!....have ever tried walking away from what is making you angry? It always works for me. Also some people have miss placed anger, something bigger may be making you mad so you take it all out on the smaller things.. try not to leave any of your problems unsolved that way you will be more calm.

I am trying to walk away now and maybe I am miss placing my anger. Anyways, thnx for stopping by.

Also, argument is a way for Libra to encourage balance. I think that maybe you should focus your energies on creating and maintaining balance in what you do. Maybe that will help you focus and avoid those angry outbursts.

Yh maybe or I should keep reminding myself with all the wrinkles and grey hair I might end up with because of my over reaction.
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You are the first person with the star sign of Libra I have ever heard talk about that. I have heard that Libra has a very strong tendency toward exaggeration. Also, order and harmony are essential. When you get mad like that is it because something seems out of place or something like that?

When I get mad I feel like I have this energy that wants to burst inside me. So I would either attack the person or go in2 an argument XD and I don't wanna hit ppl. My mom said I should try and sit down if I felt like that again so I'll try that next time. Thank u for commenting !!!!!