I Hate That I Watched The Movie Disturbia

I regret it to this day that I saw that movie. Now I would visualize that it is me and another person at school, and it is dark outside. Then I start feeling like the bad man in disturbia. I feel like that, because I want to get laid. God!, how I want to get laid. Anything, then what I have. 99.7 percent of people already experienced their first kiss. I just want that action. Yeah, I am sounding desperate, and very desperate. I got to get some contact, and I can't get a nice-looking girl, so I need a very big girl. I just want to go out there and say it. Then let her say Ew, I am coming on too quick. Then say she Ew, again. I know girls say it. And I don't care! I just want a rejection. Just give me some kind of rejection. I don't like blank stare rejections. I try to have respect for myself. But eventually, that got to leave, because I want the rejections. I want girls to be like, EW! I don't want a very pretty girl. See the worse thing about all of this. I have to hit on girls OUT of my league. Like I am saying, I sometimes think the neighbors across my block look at me as the guy of disturbia. Too much being a loner, not good. Not good at all. I want to go over the neighbor house but he/she would think it is weird. I don't know why everyone thinks its weird. It is a hell of a lot better than being like the guy of disturbia. He was a true psychopath. Ugh!

chicago54 chicago54
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 26, 2010

dude this is about paranoia not anger