Day After Day

I have anger problems mostly because i cant always keep away from people. They come to me and try to annoy me it seems and at first i can hold it in but after a while i cant and i get mad and after that i start to hate them and get mad enough to where i begin to get violent. Unless your a friend who ****** me off i ill probly end up hitting you. In my life i have been in over more than ten fist fights and a hundred arguments and the only way i can release my anger without hurting someone else is by hurting myself which i can no longer due now tht my parents check my arms constantly and i refuse to cut else where which is why im probly gonna go to punching walls finding some other way to cause my self pain i have no brick walls so i cant punch walls expect at school and i break wood over time i just cant help my anger sometimes i get so mad that i think of bad things that i can not help its just who i am.
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13-15, M
1 Response May 12, 2012

I cut to on my wrist but getting per it cuz parents found out.