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Try to Control It

I try so hard to control it but sometimes it's just impossible. I have been known to fly off the handle for little reason before. Just the other day I broke my phone whilst in a mood. I have broken vases, plates, glasses, kicked my husbands car - hit people (not proud of that) etc It has got me in trouble with the police and I have a criminal record. Going to court was scary and VERY embaressing, I felt so ashamed. I am glad that I did get taken to court as it taught me a very valuable lesson. Sometimes my anger is understandable, well I guess it always is to me. I have walked out of two jobs in anger and yesterday walked out of another one. I do still have this job though, the manager is basically a (_!_) and everyone knows it so I get too keep my job!!
AWUK AWUK 26-30, F 7 Responses Oct 19, 2007

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Well i guess we should both go for leasons..cause i sure need to...

I do that LOL, I hold back for so long and then when I let it out it's like an explosion and alll my anger comes out at once, maybe I need to learn how to let it out bit by bit?

Same here, the only things is when something is bothering me i don't say a word....until one day...then my mouth just opens...Its wrong though, because it always sounds worse than what it is ( most times)

Same here - I know the reasons but it's not enough to change anything

who me or armywife

*wondering if you are an x girlfriend of mine*

I seem to be an angry person these days too. I do control it but it builds up inside of me to the point where I just want to hit something. I know the reasons behind why I am so angry I just do not know what to do about them.