Scared Of Losing Everything

i get angry at everything even things that dont  make sense or have nothing to do with me. i always feel like i cant trust anyone and that if i dont worrie about things or think about things before leting them happen or leting something happen then im going to get hurt or loose something that i dont want to give up. like for example my girl friend i worrie about what she is doing all the time cause i care so much about her and i dont believe i deserve someone like her. before her i was a pig like most guys and didnt care about who i was hurting in the relationships i was in and now i actually feel what love it and all i think about is guys trying to get with her or getting the wrong idea beacause of how she is acting. i feel like alot of the time she is being really  friendly/ flirty and i could be wrong and just worrying about it to much or thinking about it to much but i dont kno how to stop thinking that something might happen that im not going to like. i always have to have things go my way cause im to worried that if they dont something is going to happen. im always striving to be involved with everyone and thing so that it can go right cause i always feel if i dont then nothing with go right. i think about things to much alot and it drives me insain i wish i could not think something bad is going to happen all the time and just trust things and people. its so bad i wont even do somethings cause im to affraid or dont trust it.

jeffro7 jeffro7
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 11, 2010

i can't help on the anger issues lol i need help there myself, but i was with a girl for almost 6 years and at the end we basically broke up cause i got so controlling of her who she was with where she was, the way she was with people, basically the way you describe youself with your girlfriend, and please..... take my advice stop or like me she will get fed up with the way your acting, someone give me advice at the time, that if she's going to cheat or do anything she will do it, regardless of anything i can do, so just enjoy being with her, and if something is bothering you just sit her down and ask her, and put your mind at rest. hope this helps a bit<br />
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