I'm Pretty Sure I Have This

Very little enjoyment with conversations. 99% of people bore me in seconds

No hobbies. Within the last few years I have stopped enjoying videogames, movies, books,tv
Used to love listening to music.. now it is almost not worth it as the pleasure is so little
Have endlessly searched for an activity that would entertain me: guitar, philosophy,
exercise, traveling.. everything feels pointless.. very often laying in bed staring at the wall

Sex and food seem to be the only pleasure in life. I eat very fast because the chewing doesn’t seem to be satisfying enough as the swallowing. With sex I rush towards the finish as the beginning process is not very satisfying. Often if it takes too long to finish I would quit in frustration.

No career inspirations or desires. No drive for success.

Getting drunk causes conversation with people to be entertaining and generally most other things. Almost like what life should feel like when sober. However the hangover is horribly depressing. Thoughts of suicide fill mind. After a day or so it is like a cloud lifts and I am back to normal.
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1 Response Feb 17, 2011

are you under meds