I Have Anhedonia

I hate watching tv. Music don't move me. I don't enjoy computer games. I am constantly bored. I have nothing to do. Life is just agony. This is what anhedonia feels like. This is what i have been experiencing for eleven months. This is what makes me so tired of living.
What is anhedonia? According to the net, anhedonia is defined as the inability to experience pleasure from activities usually found enjoyable. I have schizophrenia and my anhedonia probably stem from it. Anhedonia is that scary hole that sucks life out from you. I can wander around my house not finding a single thing to do because i can't seem to get the satisfaction out of any activity. I used to love listening music. Now music is nothing but stupid noise in the background. I envy those people who could get addicted to video games, to sports. I envy those people who are motivated to watch tv. Well, they have all the fun while i have to sit and watch time tick. I used to have a life too but it was not until schizophrenia came and hit me in the face. People who did not have anhedonia would not understand people who have anhedonia. They would think it is something that would be gone with medicine. Let me tell you, anhedonia is hard to get away. Its about a year now and my anhedonia still stays. I am currently under risperidone and fluoxetine but they are not doing very much. Every night i sleep i hope i wake up with a newer self, a person who can enjoy activities. Although i am improving, i am improving at a very slow rate. I am waiting for that one day, that one day i would be liberated from my mind, from my anhedonic state.
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Sometimes drugs like risperidone and fluoxetine and aggravate anhedonia. Not suggesting you stop them but I'm on similiar meds and I'm incredibly anhedonic. I'm in therapy for it but it doesn't seem to help. I'd end it but I'm afraid of going to hell. Hope fully my smoking will help.

well, I feel the same way. . . There is nothing that interests me or gives me satisfaction. I envy people who have fun doing things. There is nothing I want to do. Vacation? no. Movies? no thanks. Sex? hell no. etc. etc. This has been going on for about five years for me, and it's getting worse I think. I do not know where to turn for answers.

Is it possible that the anhedonia stems from risperidone? i didnt feel this way before taking the medication and am now experiencing what you are experiencing. i also used to find music enjoyable and no longer do. it sucks.

I can guarantee you that anhedonia is the result of antipsychotics. I was also diagnosed with schizophrenia last year and was given Invega Sustenna injections for 10 months at 100mg a month. A week or so right after my first injection I began to experience anhedonia that grew stronger over the months.

Now I feel nothing. I enjoy nothing and I have no interest in anything. It is torture. I am constantly bored and restless and it is extremely difficult to get by each day.

You most likely will not recover from anhedonia so long that you are taking antipsychotics. They block your dopamine and serotonin receptors and can potentially permanently damage your mesolimbic pathway so you will be permanently depressed like this.

You are right it is very, Very hard to get rid of. Anhedonia is one of the most stubborn conditions there is. For me it's going on 5 years. I saw one lady that has an Anhedonia blog, she's had it for 40 years.