Asking Your Opinion: Do I Have Anhedonia?

Hi. I used to have a very simple or one dimensional emotional life. Just felt vitality as a child, then around 16-19 life became more interesting and joyous to me - but I only felt happiness no other emotion for the most part except a nagging emptiness.

Then I became schizophrenic and life was very hard for years. I didn't know how to live, I always prayed and hoped to feel better - my future was ripped away from me young and I was also brain damaged.

At 26 I gained faith in Jesus and immediately 95% of my illness, or more, vanished. The worst parts were suddenly gone. Everything is much easier and I can mostly live normal. I had new symptoms - I was schizoaffective. Instead of feeling very little, and being able to show very little emotion, I now feel a range of feelings inside. Perhaps being a man they are somewhat subdued, but I cry and feel for people and feel gratitude. I am content and want to live. But just as before in my schizophrenia I hardly ever feel enough pleasure to smile. I maybe smile for 5 seconds a day on average. Even if something really great happens, or I think its happening, the smile almost immediately dissipates.

"not being able to gain pleasure from things that normally would give pleasure"
I can feel good, just not what I would call pleasure. Contentment but not joy. If I had sex I'm sure it would be pleasurable though maybe subdued.

I've heard that schizophrenics don't tend to have a fight or flight response because we cannot retain adrenalin in our brain's receptors. True for me. Maybe somehow anhedonics have a similar thing where they can develop the chemical momentarily but it cannot stay picked up.

At any rate I'm not depressed. I prayed for relief and got it and much more. I do urge everyone to pray to Jesus since it made the difference for me. But does what I have sound like anhedonia?

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1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Do you have any motivation, find pleasure in something? Do you feel "emotionally empty"?