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Nothing feels good and I long for some positive emotions. Recently at work someone said something that I knew was funny and I laughted but I couldn't feel the emotions. Everything is a drag, even doing things that I once loved to do so much. I am anhedonic because of depression, it's by far one of the worst symptoms.

vivalagloria vivalagloria 22-25, F 5 Responses Aug 25, 2008

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Hey viva, how are you doing these days? Has your Anhedonia been cured? So many people write about having it and then we never hear from them again, which probably means they got out of it and started living life again. If they shared how they did it it would help others immensely who are still suffering. And if you are still in it yourself I would also like ("like") to talk to you.

hello just wanted to know if maybe any of you wanted to talk about this symptom and how youre treating it? because right now I dont feel anything at all I dunno if its temporary due to depression or what but I would "like" to talk to someone about it yeah..

I think that's what I experience with my depression and PTSD. It was explained to me that I lack the ability to experience true pleasure, because of the debilitating fear I've developed with past traumas in my life.

I can understand that, it must be hard for you. It would be great if people could have more understanding of conditions rather than judging people without having any knowledge.

Yes, it is an inability to feel pleasure. Does it cause you any problems to find expressing your emotions difficult?