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Hi Iam charlin joseph from india age 30yrs old. AS diagnosed only in 2008 and i was in pain for several years but pain will come and go. However in 2008 august the pain was so worse that i could not walk elbow knee neck and hip joints are so effected by the inflammation that i could not sleep even. After that went to the Rheumatologist doctor whom diagonized me with AS. He suggested TNF blockers like remicade. He said this will take out the inflammation for some time but how long he did not guarantee may 2 days 2 months or 2years he does not want to guarantee it. Then also looked the side effects TNF means it will block one part of your imune system. if you does take this tnf blocker injection then you have to check every month for any bacterial infection like tuberoclossis or etc. I decided against it because it was not a treatment , it was just a relief for some time and that too for how long nobody guarantee was nearing in 2008 and i was hospitalized in max hospital gurgaon near to delhi. Rheumatalogist still suggesting me for TNF blocker and finnaly i decided against it and went to south india for an search other medication beside alopathy.then one fine day early 2009 i found Dr. who is a researcher and a homeopathic doctor. He saw my reports and mri . Yes my chromosome is also HLA b27 and bulging in spine, damgaed sacrolitis joints and severe inflammation in knee and elbow and hip joints. He given me 5 months medicine and it was all gone. Before that medication i was taking 5 painkillers a day . and after his medication i do not need to take them at all. all inflammtion was gone in 5 months and its a miracle i never ever my dreams thought that one day i will be normal.Believe i was about to suicide and that because i was just married in 2007 november and in one year time i was in so terriable pain.So my message to you that you can too consult this doctor . i would give you my email id and phone number you can call me . any help require i wil provide you . and believe in jesus christ you will be all right again. Please do not waste time in alopathy medicine which still does not have any cure for this disease they have only temporary arrangements for relieving from pain.thankscharlin 
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Hi I can help u chat with me on my whatsapp number 09098888889.

Hi Joseph

Is your homeopathic doctor in India?
Cheers Cherie

plz your cell no plz

Could you please give the details about the doctor.
I can't contact you through the e-mail id you've provided here.
Even though this thread is made 2 years ago

My husband was diagnosed with AS three years ago. He is 40 years now. He took prednosine ,methotrexat and there was nothing beter.He stopped taking methotrexat, sulfasalazine and now he takes only prednosine 10mg.He wants to get off prednosine too. He is on a no starch diet for more than a year.He felt a little relief but his inflammation is still very high (105) normal is 15.
He is very disappointed.Is is there some ayurveda medicine or homeopathic medicine that can reduce inflammation?

mam plz visit a physiotherapist it helps greatly.

God bless you charlin/kevin joseph. I am so happy to hear you could be relieved from your pain through a homeopathic remedy vs. chemical drugs. Your story is truly inspiring. It took courage for you to endure your pain until you found this miracle of a doctor who could help you in such a fine way. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I am a believer in homeopathic ways also and try as hard as i can to avoid using chemical drugs. It can take a lot of research, reading online to find homeopathic remedies for your problems. I wonder why there are not many many homeopathic doctors in the United States for treating patients. I suppose because of the greeed of the medical profession being hand in hand and hand in pocket with the pharmaceutical companies and so it is better for them to harm the patient with chemical drugs and prolong their illness or shorten their life than it is to cure them with a homeopathic method. We constantly read about so many drug recalls due to the fact that the drugs are causing serious side effects and sometimes death. So i am pleased and happy with your progress and hope you will share further knowledge with us. Take care :) xox phat