No Nose For An Odour

I was born without a sense of smell, which I later had diagnosed as Anosmia. It's sometimes a blessing and a curse. I went through my childhood and teens able to escape the rancid smell of stink bombs and of course farts are just wasted on me. The only way I can tell if it's a flowery scent or strong is that my eyes water and I sneeze.

It wasn't until I got older I realized how inconvenient it was to not have a sense of smell, especially when it came to perfume. I had to rely on having someone smell it for me before I bought it, which could have been an absolute disaster. So when I was bought one that everyone commented on for being nice, I've stuck to it ever since. That way I know I can't go wrong. I feel bad when someone asks me to smell their perfume or after shave and I have to remind them, I can't. My dad does this regularly and I always have to remind him. You'd think he'd know by now wouldn't you.

The only smell I feel cheated of, was my daughters as a baby, and even now. I know of mum's who have said how lovely their baby smells and I just can't relate to it at all. When she was a baby, obviously I didn't know if she had a smelly nappy, so I was a bit OCD on changing them, the same as with having cats. You tend to get a bit paranoid about smells when you aren't able to smell, so you constantly keep cleaning and stuff. Then there's also the worry that I couldn't smell if the gas was left on or if it was leaking, same with fire but now we have smoke alarms and gas alarms, so that's made things easier.

It probably has affected the kinds of food I eat too, because I think my taste buds are sharper. I'm particular about textures of foods and things, and I'm sure some of the food I eat, if I were to smell it I probably so wouldn't. I suppose I'm a smokers dream as well, because again it doesn't bother me because I can't smell it. I think my husband was so relieved when he met me, that he could let off silent and deadly's any time, and get away with it. Of course it also means I can't smell my own either. BONUS!!

Wotserface Wotserface
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

ive never been able to smell... im 13 and iwouldnt ever even want to learn to smell ( think u said this in the story) because i would have to learn what food and stuff i like. no one cane remember i cant smell and im probally asked at least 15 or 20 times a day to smell something. my friend feels all guilty when she tells me to smell something and i have to keep telling her i dnt mind! its hilarious.

I lost my sense of smell two yrs. ago and find that I can't even remember what things smell like. I now have grandchildren and wish I could smell them after their baths. When I have them here with me and I'm always checking their diapers to make sure they aren't stinky. I am also worried about gas leaks since there is no way I can smell it and worry about fires even though I have smoke detectors I am worried that they may fail while I am sleeping. I will never miss the smell of the "silent but deadly' farts that my other half thought were so funny. But now he has to put up with mine...LOL

I can think of another good thing about you not being able to smell if someone you care about ask you do I smell bad to you you can honestly say no and mean it.So many smells make me sick I cant lie my way out of it there is no way they will believe that I have stomache flu only when they are close to me.