People have often walked in on me eating and gone 'that's what smells so good' while I have never had the pleasure of smelling my own food. I never remembering being able to smell, so I honestly have no idea what I'm missing out on with this, but can assume its something nice, as my food tastes good. I have never figured out how I can taste but not smell, as the two are supposedly connected, but that's another story altogether. This is just one story of what has happened, but I can not figure out what an odour could be, as that goes over my head, and I feel like I am not viewing the world in its entirety and am only absorbing 80% (four fifths) of what's happening around me.

Although this does have its benefits (garbage doesn't bother me) what I really worry about is I will be alone in a place filling up with toxic gas that I otherwise would be able to smell. People often say this disability is too mild to really count as one, but my worry is proof it could be deadly. Has anyone heard of someone with anosmia actually dying due to not being able to smell a toxic gas?
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I was 15 ft away from the microwave when it caught on fire. I was faced away when the flames caught so I couldn't see them. My mother and sister came running from outside saying they had smelt something burning. They were screaming and yelling at me for not knowing. If I was alone who knows what could've happened. So yeah. Anosmia should be considered a disability because it IS dangerous. Especially when it comes to gas in the house. If you don't know it's there it's really dangerous and you could die.

I actually never really thought of smoke, always thinking I'd see the fire (forgetting how much quicker smoke spreads) or that I'd at least hear the smoke alarm. I agree though, it is dangerous.

oh wow, that is wild! it must suck in some ways. wouldn't it be awesome if you met a woman, fell in love, and she was the first and only one you were ever able to smell?

It has a lot of cons as I said, but some pros, and sometimes you can't tell which. On one hand, people mention bad smells more than good smells, but on the other hand, I know how much of a disadvantage blind and deaf people have, so idk what I'm missing out on as far as that goes.

As far as falling in love and smelling her, I'd probably cry of happiness

awwwww, yes it would be SUCH a beautiful moment. know something so strange? there have been maybe 3x that i have seen someone on tv or something and this VERY strong sensation of smell came over if i could smell them through the screen. at least you don't know what you're missing....i think it would be pretty awful to be able to smell one day and not the next day :) any scientific idea why you have this condition?

Not that I can think of. I have done research, and I hay fever allergies (which I have) are noted as a cause, but I don't want to single out one (minor) cause, especially when my anosmia its not an 'acquired' condition