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Not Doing It........

 Nope, and they can't make me !

 The colonoscopy caused me such pain, and recovery was a week before I felt okay.   Not to mention the trauma  of the pain that there was not supposed to be.  

  I am keeping my appointment however. I am not blowing this off.   

  The nurse who gave me my paper work after the first test told me if this didn't work, they'd give me another colo but put me fully under. That is my aim.

 It may take another month to get in for another, but that is time I am willing to give in order to not under go this Godawful procedure.

 My mind is just not accepting or registering this one.   

 Thank you all for sticking by me thus far, and I hope you aren't disappointed.

 I talked it over with Jim, and he is being very supportive. I hope the same from you all. 

   Still nothing to eat cause no one  cooked  thinking I wouldn't be eating today !   Whaaaaaa !


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I had my last colonoscopy without sedation.No problems and fascinating to watch everything on the monitor.Doctor thought it brave but both of us who refused sedation say we wouldn't ever have it from choice.There was virtually no discomfort let alone pain involved.

I did the very same thing 4 years ago and will never do it any other way. My doctor told me afterwards he did the same thing when he gets a colonoscopy and welcomed me to the 2 per cent club. He told me when you get home, take a 2 quart salt water enema to settle down your colon... it did make it feel a lot better plus it stopped all gas.

next time you should insist, demand, on being put fully under

I have only had two colonoscopys, I was out for both. Never had any problems afterwards. Are you saying you were awake for the first one? I couldn't do that. I decided to have one done, it was my dads wish before he died. It was something that ran in his family. He died of lung cancer, members of his family had colon cancer also and it was believed he had it also besides the lung cancer. Can you believe the V.A. actually wanted to give him a colonoscopy when he was on his death bed at home? Like it was necessary at the time? I'm glad I had it done, they found 3 polyps, one pre-cancerous. The second time they found none. Thank you Lord, I was so happy for that. I have 4 more years to go before the next.:)


I know what you mean about the colonoscopy. The kool-aid drind was the worst part for me. I had the runs at both ends due to it.<br />
<br />
I didn't have any pain afterwords other than not feeling "normal". (what ever that is) <br />
<br />
Take care of yourself and remember that you have the right to choose. This is between you and your doctor. I know you will make the right choice and do what is best for you.<br />
<br />
Hang in there.