That slowly escalating feeling of impending doom growing in my chest. That absolute feeling that something truly awful is about to happen, and I can't run away because I can't even breathe. the wherewithal to know that I am perfectly fine no matter what that nagging feeling in the pit of my stomach is telling me.. finally that collapsing sensation begins to take over my entire chest cavity, there is nothing I can do to hide the fear in my eyes, there is no way possible way to blend in and not make a scene because I am literally on the verge of tears and gasping for air. All of this because because I tried to buy some food and the person behind me can not respect personal space and is hovering no more that an inch from me and breathing all over the back of my neck....biiiitch
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I don't deal, I guess that would be my first problem. I just self medicate, be it through sc<x>ripts that I obtain both legally and illegally, or vodka, heroin,pot you name it.

Dude, I totally understand. I hate standing in grocery lines. Especially when there's someone behind me and still someone in front of me. When people are too close and anxiety comes to say hi to me, it makes me want to turn around and punch and kick and just beat on someone. Of course, that would draw even more attention and land me in jail, so it's not worth it. When I was having that issue, I would shop early in the morning (around 2-3am at Wal-Mart) when the store wasn't totally crowded. How are you dealing with the anxiety now? Or does it only happen once in a while.