Man, Anxiety Attacks

Yep, I have those.  They fluctuated between anxiety and panic and social phobia, but I guess it's mostly anxiety-panic attacks.  Been having mine for the past about eighteen years roughly.  They started when I went to college and felt suddenly out of control and overwhelmed.  Anyway, I'm new on this group and hope to share and be around people who understand anxiety attacks.  They are not fun at all and embarrassing.  Anyway, good to be here.  And in spite of my name, I am a Christian ;)
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I'm new to the group as well and I have been in the same position as you with the social phobia and panic attacks. I refused to take meds because I didn't want to live my life in a fog. So my next step was therapy one on one and honestly it has helped me overcome so many issues. I still have social issues but I am also overcoming those. It is a work in progress but there is a light at the end of the dark tunnel. Email me of you want to talk about anything. It gets better I promise :o)

Hey, Christine. Yeah, mine started in Fall '97 when I went to college. It got worse and then better and then worse. So, how's that going for you-- getting out the house. How do you deal with it? Does anything work for you, like meds or seeing a therapist? Thanks, I'll message you when I need to talk.

If pills worked for me, I'd take them. Well, some have worked a little but never got one that really works enough I don't think. I usually quit pills before they started to really work maybe. Don't know. Sorry the meds didn't work for you. Wish they worked for me. Sure, I'll add you to my circle.

Hi,i have them too,one thing to realize is that your not alone,ive dealt with them for years,good days to terrible days,still searching for so called cure,doctors quick pill fix works but i hate pills,so for now i ride the attacks out,try to think positive which is almost impossible at times,stay busy just keep hoping to find the answer.Distraction works at times,and im not giving up email if you want, jay