I Need My Life Back!!

I am sick of need everyone else to take care of me and needing medicine to keep me stable.  I wish I could go back to before everything changed.  Before anxiety/panic attacks.  Before depression hit me.  Before I got overwhelmed over stupid things.  Before my life snowballed and shattered into chaos around me.  A little longer than a year ago I was diagnosed with social phobia, and generalized anxiety, but i learned how to cope with it in a few months and was fine over the summer.  As soon as school started I got extremely overwhelmed with being a Junior in High School, and I am turning 18 in 12 days!!  That means I am going to be classified as an adult.  Today I didn't go to school because I was out for a week do to my anxiety turning into anger.  I am mad at myself for falling behind and I am making my expectations too high.  I can't handle this anymore.  I feel horrible.  I am just going to sleep now because it takes away the pain. :'( byee
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1 Response Mar 16, 2012

Try to hang in there, best of luck to you..