Dealing With Anxiety

I've had anxiety attacks for a few years now. So far the worst (and actually the most recent) attack I've had lasted for almost 24 hours.

When I first started having these my mother didn't want me to be medicated so she gave me magnesium tablets, they usually work pretty well with the smaller attacks but have no immediate effect on the large ones.

Other ways I've dealt with anxiety is to either distract myself with something, even if I'm trying to sleep at the time, if I'm having an attack I'll go watch a movie or something. I found that the worst thing to do when you have an anxiety attack is to dwell on it and do nothing at all, you should always try and occupy your mind.

The last thing I do, which I absolutely do not recommend and I'm sure it's bad for me to do this to deal with the anxiety but sometimes it just has to be done. Is if I have an extremely bad one (like the near 24 hour one) I drink an alcoholic beverage of some kind. I don't get drunk, I usually will only have one standard drink of whatever alcoholic drink I pick. As I said before it probably is not overly good for me because it could lead to alcoholism (but I don't have this every single night) I just do this because when it gets extremely bad, the alcohol will give me a break from the anxiety enough to actually stop it so that it won't return when the alcohol is out of my system.

Self managing your own anxiety isn't often the best idea if you have really bad anxiety though, you should go to the doctor if its extremely bad, you don't even need to be medicated because sometimes counselling can do the trick.
CapriciousConsciousness CapriciousConsciousness
Apr 28, 2012