My Anxiety Attacks

My first started last week when I had to give a presentation in front of the class, but I had never had anxiety like this before. I was breathing into a paper bag in the middle of the class and causing all kinds of trouble. Finally, I was able to get through the presentation when I felt the anxiety subside. I thought that was the end until I got the feelin again on the bus at 6:00am on the bus on the way to my hospital clinicals (I'm a nursing student). I was lying on the bus like a homeless person until it finally came to my stop and the ambulance was called.

I felt better once the ambulance showed up and refused medical attention. I went ahead to my hospital clinicals like everything was fine. But once I got there it was happening again and I had my mom pick me up.

These attacks came and went but they were nothing like what I had today where I was hysterically crying because I was feeling antsy inside and didn't know what to do with myself. It was literally a psychotic breakdown.

This was a few hours ago and I feel a lot better now, but I have 2 exams coming up in two days, and 4 finals next week. Please pray that I can get through them without any problems.
ella91 ella91
Dec 11, 2012