My anxiety attacks get pretty extreme sometimes. My typical routine is to pick at my nails until all of the corners are bleeding a little, and then pull my hair and hyperventilate and cry and all that crap. But I've found that at this point, my anxiety has kind of become a comfort zone for me. I mean, I would rather not have anxiety any day but when I do, I don't fight it as hard because it feels natural. And I usually just go to sleep afterwards, so it's easier to get through them knowing that. The only time it doesn't seem natural is when it happens around people I know or a large group of people. I'm pretty good at hiding it but it's very hard and usually, hiding only escalates it. I wish I didn't have them. My doctor always tries to get me to take meds, and I'll take them for a little while, but then I'll forget, and keep forgetting. It just sucks because it never happens when it's convenient for me, but that's life.
thisisashittyusername thisisashittyusername
18-21, F
Jan 11, 2013