The Unhappiness Trifecta...

Social anxiety is by far the worst of my problems in my life as everything in the world with regards to people have to do with social interaction. I'll never be happy, successful or interesting if I can't get over this fundamental fear of interacting with people. I think the self-esteem issues is closely tied to that. I've never thought I was very attractive physically or personality-wise. So it obviously has a negative effect on trying to overcome my social anxiety, so the cycle continues. And finally, wouldn't YOU be depressed if you had these problems? Depression leads to lack of energy and lack of motivation and thus an inability to fix problems 1 and 2.

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I agree with girl, you come across as a very likable person here. Confidence can grow with experience. Example; the first time you drive a vehicle you would probably not feel all that confident. Second time, you would know you have done it before. You need to do it enough times and you will know for sure that you can. Every time you dare step out of your comfort zone you grow.<br />
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I was painfully shy as a teen. I have a dear friend who made me walk down the street and smile and say hi to strangers. It was scary but turned out to be fun. Most just say hi back. :D

Definitely had a ride in this fun little cycle. I don't think I've ever met anyone else who's struggled with the 'trifecta' if I may quote. It's a pretty crappy thing to deal with, but problem number 2 is nonexistent. From what I can see you speak in well-structured, coherent sentences, actually have insight into people's emotions past the surface, what I wouldn't give to meet more people like that in real life :P