Suddenly One Morning...

...I woke up and discovered a tightness in my chest, aches all over, the shakes, and a lump in my throat. Been to a lot of physiologists, doctors, and various other therapitst since. All have the same outcome, jack-squat. Tea (non-caffinated of course) and meditation do help, but only so much.

I was diagnosed with depression since I was 4. Everyone thought I was just upset that my dad was out on a business trip and that's why I was so sad. My mom noticed that after my dad came back that it wasn't going away and took me to a series of doctors. They finally diagnosed me when I was a few days away from being 5, and they started the process right after I turned 4.

So that's my story.

Spedunk Spedunk
26-30, F
Feb 17, 2010