Brutal Economy

I have been looking for the right job since I was 18. Now 30 years later I am still looking. I have been in sales for almost 15 and can't figure out why. I guess I always hear I  am good at it. I hate sales and everything associated with the job in fact I moved with my family from the North to the South and just lost my job from the North 3 months ago. My wife makes great money and is supporting us but I feel guilt as hell. My wife never complains about me being out of work in fact she says this is the time for me to soul search into what makes me happy. Honestly work wise I think teaching would be the way to go I love children and helping them. I am afraid to go back to school. I already have a BS in Bus ADM.

I am lost

what to do anybody???????
frankinsense frankinsense
1 Response Jul 20, 2010

People go back to shcool all the time. Don't be afraid.<br />
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You should look into a "lateral entry" program to become a teacher. It would allow you to start teaching right away and take education classes while you teach. That's how all the business teachers at the school I teach at became teachers. <br />
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Maybe taking steps to become a teacher (something you sound interested in) will help with the anxiety. Like being proactive. <br />
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Teaching can be a rewarding career. Tough but rewarding.<br />
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Hang in there.