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Ok here we go, I have Anxiety. It's not easy living with this problem. sometimes I wished my anxiety would just go away. I hate the feeling of being trapped. or feeling not knowing whats going on with me, I feel like I can't breathe sometimes. but hey, i'll learn to come over this problem. I don't wanna live the rest of my life with this.....
TheTopDawg TheTopDawg 26-30, M 11 Responses Nov 11, 2011

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I have this same issue.. I too posted a story about it... Its just awful and its really scary for me... I hope to beat this and i hope u do too!

Thank you.

It may help if you go to my stories and read Breathing in stressfull times.<br />
Also Change my thinking change my life.<br />
Dr also told me that during a panic attack addrenalin pumps very quickly and sugar levels drop quickly so to always have something sweet like boiled sweets or chocolate with me and it really helps.

I check them out, thanks for the advice :)

I have lived with anxiety all my life.....I have always felt trapped also. Was wondering what your version of trapped was? I used to tell people that I am claustrophobic, but its not really of small places, its the feeling(anxiety) fear, of being trapped in situations. I can be in small places, just as long as I know I'm not stuck there. I used to really panic when I was a kid when I would get stuck trying to take a shirt off. LOL seems funny to me now but I remember the complete fear of it. I have different forms of anxiety, social in not wanting to be the center of attention.......stressful things really get to me. Things that are out of my control. Anxiety brings on alot of anger with me, I hate being angry and the feeling of it. I didn't know I would struggle with this most of my life, I hope you are able to conquer yours. :)

My version of trapped is feeling trapped, lol. Slowly but surely im over coming it. :)

Same here I feel like I can't breathe and I kinda start to freak out :/ I always freak out because I think to much about things that scare me. Must be because I'm alone too much? Maybe it's the lack of sleep? I'm not sure but I have a sleeping disorder and it scares me and my anxiety gets worse. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has these problems.

I feel the same way, but things will get better as time goes on. Hang in there...

I have it too and fight the fact of worrying about everything. I feel it worse b 4 sleeping at night and find it helps to breath in to the count of 4 hold to the count of 4 and breath out to the count of 4 often u can feel a place in your body where u holding the anxiety and then I try and breath letting that part totally relax and it really works. A friend of mine has stopped heart pulpatations by doing this exercise. Wish you all the best.


Its truely crap like some days you cant help yourself but feel anxious how I hate it.


gosh I experience the same, try to find somethig that easily distracts you during anxiety time


I have anxiety, and for the longest time i thought i was just really weird. I'd go blank, stutter, get hot flashes, couldn't think straight, and get confused too. I just thought there was something wrong with my brain, but i realize know i have it. It's hard to deal with, i don't make friends easy. It's frustrating, i want to be normal. I have my good days though, i'm trying to over come it too.

Thanks for sharing. I know that feeling. hopefully things will get better for the both of us. peace

I know the feeling :/

ALL the time I wish mine would go away. Those Midwest Center for Anxiety with Lucinda Bassett infomercials that come on about anxiety, that program actually is helpful. Also if you can find a good Cognitive Behavioral Therapist to work with it can also help. Good Luck!

Thanks :)

Try to live in the present momment. Do not think of tomorrow or the future, try focusing on taking one day at a time. Worring about the future will give you anxiety.

Thanks :)

Same here...if you overcome it, tell me how you did it? 8)