Life Is Anxiety

Fear is the number one reason why we are alive today. We owe our lives to fear. It reminds us to be afraid of predators, fear of being controlled, fear of going hungry, fear getting sick so we act accordingly, and the list goes on. 

There is no doubt however, that when the worry of these natural fears disappear our mind compensates those by creating irrational invasive fears. In other words, the human brain is adapting to our new age in human evolution. Where the fear of illness is much less severe than it was 2000 years ago, or the fear of going hungry much less apparent to those of us in the western world.

We are the result of massive changes developing in the world around us. The stimulation of our mind on a daily basis is outpacing the brains capacity to filter it all. Which is why at night when we sleep we are bombarded with negative imagery we have absorbed from the day. Such as Freddy Kruger on late night TV or from the talk of war on the news. Our minds are naturally programmed to have SOMETHING to fear.

It is important that you understand this part as well:

The brain and body CAN become addicted to the flow of adrenaline in the body. Because when the "fight or flight" response is triggered, this was natures way of burning off the fear-inducing agent from our bodies. But since we cannot shake the adrenaline it just sets their giving us the full blast of psychological stress with no way to release it. 

Just as those that sky-dive love the thrill of getting the adrenaline rush in their bodies to the point where landing creates a sense of ultimate joy for life.

Normally, if you were in front of a hungry grizzly bear your brain would immediately go into "fight or flight" and only if you somehow subdued the creature would you gain relief from the anxiety. BECAUSE the process of fighting/subduing or running/escaping would pinch out all of the current adrenaline from the body, giving you a sense of relief. It would be this relief letting you know that the danger is gone and life may continue.

So, now what? What can I do about this?

I am going to give you a list of things that will help you IMMENSELY:

- Reduce time on internet usage (Youtube, Facebook, etc)

- Reduce time playing video games (they are fun, but they also provoke anxiety)

- Cut out caffeine entirely!

- Pick up reading. The process of trying to read trains your brain to concentrate better.

- TRY meditation (You've tried this before, or heard of it, just do it. Proven to be effective in halting anxiety)

- Pick up dancing or running (or any other exercise routine. This will diminish your adrenaline reserves and make you feel good)

- Get a hobby you enjoy and stick with it! (Takes your mind off of focusing inwardly all the time.)
- Try to keep from filling your head with negative stimuli. (ie. horror movies, disturbing content, online drama or fights, etc)

- Yes, this one is weird. Abstain from ************ frequently. For men, this has an especially draining effect. Too frequent and anxiety follows shortly after because satisfaction is reduced, therefore tempting increased need for release.

- Eat healthier. Lots of fruits and veggies, less meats, more low-car foods, less sugars and starches.

- When feeling anxious, immediately point face upward, as if looking on an angle towards the sky. It helps open up the conscious mind to the associated stimulus that comes with (sky, feeling up, high, above, happy, light, etc)

I hope this can give some of you an alternative and down to earth explanation of this individual condition known as Anxiety. 

If you have any questions message me or comment below.

Keep your chin up.
MrCthulhu MrCthulhu
18-21, M
4 Responses Apr 24, 2012

I hike two miles uphill and it has been the most exhilarating experience for my anxiety. I feel empowered when I do so. I need to start eating healthier than I'll be in a better place. Sleep escapes me though. Thank you for the tips.

thanks a lot!

Don't forget SLEEP! We need consistent, adequate sleep in order to keep things at bay.

Thank you for posting this.

No problem! It will always get better, you know it. Just fight the reason not the reactions! :)