Not The Way To Go

hey guys
well yeah anxiety does affect yoo life soo much like im 15 and i have schoolaphobia my ife has changed so much since last september , currently not going to school regularly does affect your social life anyways , anxeity is tougher than u may think , im such a shy person when it comes to meeting new people and in school id get bullied alot for jus being shy and quiet like yeah i had friends like totally the oppisoite of me - loud and always geting into trouble bu they were so supportive to me when i jus got anxeity and didnt go to school ive been not in school for nearly a year and the tension of going back in september is going to hit me hard this online thing is really the only place i can discuss theese type of sitations and realy i think all this has happend becoz i was geting bullied :( i did want to live a happy life this year bu ive missed so many family occaisions its jus not heading down the right road x in future if any one is feeling anxiety it uasly refers to something that has happend to you x
beliver360 beliver360
18-21, F
May 17, 2012