Shaking Though Anxiety

In my first part time day job, I was a sales rep, it became full time, the old manager and me never used to get on... I don't know why we just didn't see Eye to Eye. Anyway, Every day was a struggle and as the weeks grew to months it only got worse, I got anxious about going to work but needed the money, so I Kept it up, a few times I was nearly ready to just leave. My friends persuaded me to go and said that in reality I couldn't afford not to, I didn't look for other jobs as when I wasn't in work I was happy as Larry.

Eventually I had to come up with a personal plan of how to overcome this, I just took every day as it came, Everyday felt like a victory... after a few months the angry manager left replacing them with a new nice one, so I took from that, wait out your time and it pays off.

Always see it through.
maskus maskus
18-21, M
May 17, 2012