I Will Never Stop Loving You

We held each other so close, in that summer sun. We fell in to a red mist of love so quickly, we soaked up everything the other had to offer. I never dreamed of losing you, I never wanted to feel like this, so broken and black, so decayed and attacked, I never thought young love could expire.

One of the most vivid memories I have, Is beautiful. We are on the beach one summer day, you are running towards the sea, I am steps behind you, always chasing you... The reality I catch you and kiss you, tell you how I love you, kiss, hug... In my dream turned nightmare I chase and chase you, the sand swallows my feet up and I sink. Into nothing. The unknown.

This is dangerous, I always told you what I felt for you was not just emotion, Always said we were something more than the cliche, To say I Miss you is not true it is a lie, I need you, I depend on you to sustain that ever lasting high, I'm always searching to get back to that beach those times, those clouds, the sand, the wet water, the warm looks, the little bit of past that's locked in my heart will always remain there, and you are not the same girl, and me not the same boy, more woman and man, so distant so completely lost from each others arms.

I don't believe in a god, but if there is when I die, when Im cold and gone, If that was my memory, the only one I had... I would be forever happy.
maskus maskus
18-21, M
May 18, 2012