My Anxiety Story

It started when I was doing my gcse's I was expected to do well, I wanted to do well but before each exam i was so nervous I was throwing up and shaking, I barely ate anything. I struggled to cope but I completed all 11 exams, without revising.
My anxiety eased a bit shortly after but as soon as the summer holidays started it came back. I have struggled every morning with the anxiety, feeling very nervous and sick every morning it makes me depressed. I finally started seeing a councillor, which helped with underlying problems like friend issues I suffered with over the 3 years of upper school.
Yet my anxiety is still here and as strong as ever. I got my exam results and was so happy with them, they were great results but I had to start a new sixth form/college. My anxiety was high and I knew a few people going but none were close friends.
I quit sixth form today due to my anxiety, I have never felt so alone and depressed in my life and I'm still nervous all the time. I feel guilty as my parents look so sad. I feel like I have no future, like everything's over. Im meant to be going to camhs, but it probably won't help.

Has anyone felt like this before? Need help.
Chameleon96 Chameleon96
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

Keep seeing your counsellor ...i wish i had asked for more help when i was your anxiety got worse and worse as i got older...maybe if i had been more proactive, it wouldn't have escalated..idk

I felt like this when I started at a new secondary school which none of my friends went to. I wanted to leave but I wasn't allowed to. I went through a period of not sleeping properly, having horrible frightening dreams, bedwetting, and I thought I would never be able to cope with it. I am really pleased now that my parents wouldn't let me change schools because I now have some really good friends and I don't miss the old ones at all. I hope you get sorted out, and really hope you can carry on. This is something that the school can help with, I know mine did when I really didn't want to go there.