A Guy With Anxiety

I'm writing this for both men and women that live with anxiety.  No matter what form or severity, however I haven't come across loads of story about guys with anxiety and/or depression.

It seems I've had some form of anxiety my entire life.  Separation anxiety when I was a kid, social anxiety as a teenager and college student and now general anxiety as a 32yo.  The difference between my prior life and now is that I always had the ability to throw the anxiety to the side and continue with life.   However, since the age of 28 and a near death experience, I've acquired general anxiety and have periods where my life becomes very limited. 

I was roaring through my 20's (no pun intended), enjoying life and all.  Then one night that all changed with a near death experience.  I'll explain this in time, but I'll never forget falling to the floor and thinking "this is it, I cannot believe it".  By the grace of God, I survived.  Although there were times following this incident when I wish I hadn't.  My life had been turned upside down completely.  Not too long after, I began to experience severe anxiety, insomnia, severe depression and so on.  I tried medications, cbt, odd remedies and so on.  Eventually, a lot of this cleared up on it's own.  Without medication.  I did however stay faithful to my talk therapy. 

I had gotten to a point where I regained my life and began resuming normal things like dating, vacations, etc.. at a slow but satisfying pace.  And then it all returned this past November 2007 when I was extremely stressed at home and at work.  The last year or so has been ups and downs, right now going through somewhat of a down. 

I'd like to stress that no matter how bad things have been, I've learned that we all have a light within us.  That light can be a giant roaring fire or it can be a barely visible pinhole of light.  Either way, it never goes out.  That light is that ping of hope, that hope of shedding anxiety from our psyches.  Keep your heads up and never give up on hope.  NO matter how little that hope is, it's always there. 


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I have gone through some severe anxiety periods too. for about 4 months, I never got out of the house. It was awful. Lexapro and my doctor saved me 3 yrs ago. I still go to my counselor every week.

I am still in school, have dreams, and I try to live a happy and healthy life like everyone else.

I have anxiety...severe and all the crap that can potentially go along with it...depression, panic attacks, several phobias.

I want to comment about there not being many stories about men with anxiety. About 25-30 years ago I went to a group therapy for those with agoraphobia. There was only one man in the group of 10 people. It was explained to us that, at least at that time, men just didn't talk about it. The had to bring home the bacon so the HAD to just get thru it. I don't believe that is the case today, but many men will keep it to themselves, still. I recently finished an outpatient program for severe depression and anxiety, and of 10 people in our group, 1/2 were men, and most of the group was under the age of 25. It was good to see that people are able and willing to seek help, and get it, early in life. In my day, lol, the shrinks didn't know squat.

There is hope, but we have to advocate for ourselves. Some of us may have these conditions forever, sometimes well managed, sometimes not so much. It is likely part of the cycle of OUR lives...and accepting that takes so much off one's shoulders!

Best to you -

Thanks for your post, it was very thoughtfully written. I hope you are doing well now. ~ Peace

I'm curious, can you take that near death experience and possibly let it fuel you to appreciate and live life to it's fullest? For me my near death experience made me see things with new eyes - love everything and live out to the fullest - well that lasted for about a month but I still carry this great blessing of seeing the world as if I had just been born again. Maybe if you could try to see it that way? Then again it's easier for me to tell you to do that than it is to actually do it. I hope for you to feel happy and without a care! I'm sorry if I upset you in any way by saying this. xox

You are not alone. I also suffer from anxiety & when i look back, think i have had it all my life. Stay positive & know that when you are feeling like that, it will pass, like it has done previously. We as humans are stronger than what we think we are. Best of luck!

You are fortunate to have such a positive outlook.

Positivity is the key to happiness and survival and it sounds like you have it :)<br />
We all have something going on up their in our minds and we all have our story. Things can be so hard, but its about staying as positive as possible and knowing that light is always there to keep you going. <br />
That is scary about the near death experience. You made it. You are a smart and beautiful person. Bring back that fire so that you can teach others about positivity :)

Hope.<br />
<br />
I agree with you, it is always there and thats mainly what keeps me going. Knowing things will turn out okay.

But how do you know? Is it by faith (non religious in this context...or maybe for you it is)