Not Entirely But Maybe Anxiety

Lately i think i do have a fair amount of anxiety or that somethings wrong with me.It is 11:37 pm right now and i have been for the past few weeks afraid of taking my meds and going to sleep.I still take my meds but the side affects are crazy.Im on lithium and i dont know if this med was at fault or not but a couple days ago my heart began beating really fast.I went to the er my codition was described as tachycardia but my ekg was fine and my dad told my doctor it was anxiety that annoyed me very much.They were going to admit me to the hospital for the heart thing but then they released me later with no explanation why probably cause im there all the time and everytime act like a psycho.
Im not saying not anxiety but i wish the doctors would have explained to me why i was having that happen.My parents didnt even want to get up to take me to the hospital i live close so i walked myself at 10 o'clock at night.They love me but there a bit neglectful of things.And the doctor kept asking if i tried to kill myself and not an explanation but of course they gave one to my parents.
I know im going off topic so let me get back on.Maybe this is anxiety and im having a panic attack but im sick a lot lately or feeling unwell and i dont think anxiety will cut it for all my problems that im exhibiting
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Nov 26, 2012