Doesn"t Everybody. ...

Doesn"t everybody. I sometimes get anxiety attacks. Not the regular kind with a "truck" on your chest, I get a visual though of a "catastrophe" and then I receive the feelings that the event has happened. it"s the worst. I can talk myself out of it though. I notice that when I am super stressed it  happens  more often. I do take a valium once in a while. I have a few 'emergency" ones in my purse. I find that having this "in case of emergency break glass" bandaid reduces my anxiety even more. I know it is because I am quite high strung to begin with. I should take my own advice and just "relax my crack" ha haha   .lol.
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I used to stay awake every night because I was sure spiders were crawling all over me. Sometimes I get paralyzed (literally) with fear before I play sports. I wish for a car crash months before an audition.<br />
I am always stressed out, so much so I count seconds without a tense ball in my heart as precious.<br />
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Everyone has anxiety but it's not a huge problem for everybody.

You are fortunate that you can recognize it and deal with it when it comes.