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Hello anxiety sufferers! Welcome to the club!

I've suffered anxiety ever since I can remember. I don't know about you, but for me, it's genetic.
My Dad is very habitual. He can't stop moving his toes and he fidgets. My mother has a mild OCD and can't stop cleaning. If she's not cleaning, she'll start cleaning!

I've suffered (and to some extent, still suffer) from BDD, Anxiety, OCD and I have also struggled with hair-pulling (I'm unsure about the proper term for that.)

I just wanted you all to know that although it never necessarily goes away, it DOES get better. My advice to anyone suffering from any of these disorders is see a psychologist, and a GP. I personally went to GP first, and was diagnosed properly with these, and then went to a psychologist (for BDD sufferers, you may need a psychiatrist) for treatment. My BDD got better with the therapy, and although it hasn't gone away for ME, I know that the therapy works. Even if someone has to drag you there kicking and screaming, you need to go. It will change your life.

Counselling can be expensive, I know, but I know for a face that if I never went, I'd ever be cured. I'd still be pulling my hair out and such. I still have the OCD symptoms, but I'm planning on booking some therapy to help fix that. It'll be the best thing you've ever done.

I'd also like to suggest just talking to people! Just talk! It helped ease the tension and distracted me from pulling my hair out and picking all my skin off. I can guarantee there will be someone out there, if not, on EP, that will be willing to just sit and listen.

Thanks for the time.
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2 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I had a bald spot too! My parents had to cut my hair short to try to hide it....some people thought I was a boy when I was 6 years old.:(

I knew a girl ho used to pull her eyebrows and eyelashes out too. :
It's a horrible thing. I got teased a whole bunch through year 7 because of my bald spot.

Trichotillomania- hair pulling compulsion....I did it when I was a kid

Yeah, I was really bad with it. I had a huge bald patch on the top of my head.